Everything about How much Does it Cost for Hair Extensions?

In this blog, we are going to talk about the cost for hair extensions. Are you wondering about long and thick locks?

Looking at how much it costs for hair extensions. What is the average cost of hair extensions?

How much does it cost for hair extensions?

Some hair extensions cost as little as $20. While on the other hand average cost of good non-permanent hair extensions is between $250 to $500.

Moreover, tape-in, clip-in hair extensions, and other professional hair extensions range between $600 to $3000. If you are planning to start a hair extensions business, you must find out the cost of hair extensions and choose the one that goes well with your budget.

How much do micro bead hair extensions cost?

Micro bead hair extensions will cost you around $200 to $600. It also contains installation at the hairdresser which will charge about $400. Furthermore, the maintenance of micro bead hair extensions costs about 150 dollars per session for 6 weeks.

The total cost for the 12 months will be $1900 yearly.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

How much do the real hair extension cost?

The cost of real hair extensions can average anywhere from $100 to synthetic hair extensions. While its ranges up to $3000 for salon-quality professional hair extensions and are considered important.

The set of good quality hair extensions ranges from $500 to $1000 and we highly recommend the real hair extensions as they look natural and are easier to care for.

If you want to attain the volume and desired length of your hair, then you must invest in real hair extensions.

How much does the tape in hair extension cost?

The average cost of tape in hair extensions cost about $200 to $400. Hairdresser installation charges will be $200. They also need to be adjusted after every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the growth of your hair.

The total cost of tape in hair extensions over 12 months will be $1460. $200 for the hair extensions, $300 for installation charges at the hairdresser, and $960 for the yearly maintenance.



How much do the sew-in hair extension cost?

The cost of the sew-in hair extensions depends on different factors such as in which country you are currently residing and who is your hairstylist.

Honestly speaking the general sew-in hair extensions installation charges are about $100 to $600. While the cost of these extensions will fall anywhere from $80 to $600.


Cost Sew-in-hair-extensions

How much do the clip-in extension cost?

The average cost of clip-in hair extensions depends on the length of your hair. The cost will be around $200 and will last for about 6 to 12 months. A disadvantage of clip-in hair extensions is that they are often advertised as causing no damage. These hair extensions can also cause serious damage to your hair.

The total cost for clip-in hair extensions is around $200 and $75 for the initial cut from the hairdresser. Moreover, $300 will be used for hair treatment to fix the loss caused by the clip-in hair extensions.


Clip in extensions

Weft hair extension cost

Weft hair extensions cost about $200 to $400. While the cost of the installation is around $150 and ongoing maintenance after every 6 weeks.

Weaves hair extensions consist of hair being attached to the braids. Wefts are modern types of these hair extensions. The reason is that weft doesn’t involve strand-by-strand application.

Must keep this fact in mind that the weaves are very uncomfortable and they are freshly woven in. Wefts when pulled tightly can cause headaches. Constant pulling of your hair can cause permanent hair loss.

Halo hair extension cost

The average cost of hallo hair extensions cost around is between $200 to $500. They are well worth the actual price because easy to wear style and remove.

The price of these extensions also relies on the thickness of the product. The total cost of hallo hair extensions is $300 for hair, $75 initial cut at the hairdresser, and $375 per year.

Fusion extension cost

The price of fusion hair extensions starts at $60 and can go up to $150 on USA hair. Furthermore, the overall price depends on the hair quality selected and hair length.

Human hair extension cost

Human hair extensions are made up of a variety of human hair and it comes from Asian to American. In Asia, India and China are the biggest exporters of human hair extensions.

On the other hand, the majority of European hair comes from Romania, Russia, or Ukraine. Human hair extensions cost about $100 and up to $500. They last for up to 3 to 6 months and more depending on how they are worn or how they are cared for.

While on the other hand, Remy human hair extensions cost about $250 to $400. These hair extensions have the same feel and movement as natural hair and do not have plastic doll hair shine such as synthetic hair extensions.

It all depends on you what you need from the hair extensions. If you are looking for thickness, volume, or length then the number of grams set will be an important factor in your budget.

Human hair extensions can be styled the way you want and will even last for seven days. Human hair extensions deliver versatility in color and styling as products can be used to shape and texture the needed hair look. You can also wash your human hair extensions once a month.

To be honest human hair extensions cost more than synthetic because of the better quality and natural look.




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It is always a wise thing to do your research properly before you buy hair extensions. So keep the cost of all hair extensions in your mind and pick the one that goes well with your hair.

By being aware of how the prices are influenced by these factors you will finally be able to make the right decisions staying within your budget.

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