Wigs and Hair Pieces – Everything You Need to Know

By | August 16, 2022

Wigs and hair pieces are excellent choices to upgrade your complete look. Hair pieces are versatile, inexpensive, and easy to use no matter what you want to cover up a patch of thin hair and add needed volume to your hair.

Hairpieces for women:

If you are new to hairpieces (Everything you need to know about the wigs and hair pieces) for women then this guide will help you to know all in no time. Let’s have a glance at different types of hair pieces available and styles of attaching wigs.

Hair Pieces

What are the three types of hair pieces?

These are as follows:

  • Ponytail hair pieces:

This is a go-to hairstyle and also timeless. Moreover, if your hair is not long enough to collect into a ponytail, then these ponytail hair pieces can easily create a classic and effortless tied look no matter what the length of your hair is.

Also, check out ponytail extensions by Sapphirehairs.com. These types of hair pieces can easily be blown dried, straightened, or make a new look or style for every occasion.


  • Hairpieces for thinning hair:

Hair extensions or hair pieces can be your new best friend if you want to achieve a hair length like Rapunzel. Do you want to add length to your natural tresses? The answer is yes and only hair extensions can provide the wearer with complete styling.

On the other hand, human extensions are available both in human hair and synthetic hair varieties. You can also clip them for your ease and comfort.

From hair extensions collections, one of our favorites is human hair extensions power pieces from hair in. They exhibit beauty and elegance.

These hairpieces look very natural and are also easy to attach.


thining hair piece

  • Human hair pieces serve as hair height boosters:

If you are completely sick of flat and lifeless hair, then the time has come to invest in your hair height boosters. This type of hairpiece adds volume to your natural hair.

It also increases the beauty of your real hair by uplifting them. One of our favorite hair height boasters is a clip-it fancy pair piece by Revlon and as the name suggests this hair height boaster is completely flexible.

  • Party Hairpieces:

Transform your hair style now with the party hair pieces. No matter whether you want to add up a pop of color or want to add some soft curls to your natural hair, party hair pieces easily fit into your real and natural human hair.

You will be ready to hit the dance floor in minutes. Don’t forget to pair it with some glamorous hair lashes. Just like hot hair curled clip in a ponytail adds some colors to your trendy look.


Party hair

Types of Hair Pieces Attachment:

With the advent of technology and new trends in lifestyle, the use of modern hair pieces is increasing all over the world. You can never guess whether your hairpiece will securely and discreetly mix into your natural hair all day long.

From interlocking combs to scrunches each of the different attachment methods has its unique benefits. Moreover, it is highly recommended to experiment with different types of hair pieces and wigs that suit well with your hair.

In this blog, we have experimented and narrowed down a few different types until you find the one that is perfect for you.

Hair Pieces with comb attachment:

It has about downward-facing comb with fits properly into your hair. Moreover, this kind of hair attachment blends well with your hair locks and you can easily create a new look.

  • Pressure, Banana, Claw, and Crocodile Clips:

 These kinds of clips help fasten your chosen hairpiece to your head and to use this hairpiece attachment all you need to do is open the clips and close them.

The next step is to close them in your hair once you have them.

  • Drawstring hair attachment:

Eliminate the need for combs and clips. You can simply attach your hair pieces with the drawstring. These are quite some of the most incredible and simple attachment methods.

All you need to do is simply tie up your hair and secure the pouch over your hair. Too tight, you can then pull the drawstring.

  • Wrap Around and Scrunches attachment:

This is one of the easiest and most secure cost-effective scrunches or wrap-around hairpiece attachments that acts like bobble. Now pop your hair into a ponytail and then wrap your hairpiece or over the hairpiece for a trendy and new look.

  • Interlocking combs system:

This system usually features two combs that fit together and is one of the best hairpiece attachment types. Then these hair combs are sewn into the base of the hairpiece. Now we can say that these are 100 percent undetectable.

Simply tie your hair into a ponytail or bun and then push the combs together until they look in place.

But if you are not sure which attachment method you need to pick simply which suits well with your needs.

Let’s just move toward human hair wigs.

What is meant by human hair wigs?

Human hair wigs are made from 100 percent natural hair and these wigs are soft as compared to others. When it comes to styling these wigs seem to be glossy and elegant.

Wigs made up of human hair are durable and they last between a year and three. But in most cases, women like to go the extra mile regarding care and maintenance.

Just like other human extensions these also get tangled with each other especially when getting in contact with elements like sunlight and wind.

How much do good human hair wigs cost?

Depending upon the type of hair, good human hair wigs cost around $700 and $3000. Factors that make human hair wings expensive are length, grade, density, cap construction, and styling. Before you buy wigs, keep these things in mind.

Can wigs protect real human hair?

Absolutely yes this is one of the most important benefits of human hair wigs they are useful to protect human hair. Your scalp and hair are protected from the elements and day-to-day styling damage.

In other words, it gives your hair a chance to recover and rest. This plays an important role in maintaining your health. It can also be considered a protective style.

Steps to install hair pieces and wigs:

Follow the below-listed steps to install hair pieces and wigs:

  • First of all, you need to install hair wigs, Remy, based on certain factors such as cap design.
  • Properly moisturize and clean your natural hair before you wear the wig.
  • Braid down your real human hair and wigs look positioned on your hair.
  • To keep the wig from slipping, you must wear a wig grip.
  • If you don’t have the wig grip, then simply install the wig and spray a layer of lace glue.
  • Cut off the excess hairline lace so the wig looks real.
  • Style your wig according to your natural hair.
  • Use quality lace glue remover and rock it all day and night.

Why wig density is important?

Wig density is defined as the volume of hair on a wig. It also affects how thick or thin it appears when a person wears it. It is an important factor when shopping for a wig. Also, keep in mind the density of your real hair. So that wigs suit best with your hair.

It also affects the styling of your hair.

On the other hand, if you like curly or wavy hairstyles then low-density wigs will be a perfect choice.

If you like to have a straight hairstyle go for high-density wigs. Thus before styling and appearance, it also leaves an impact on pricing. Just like any other thing, human hair pieces and wigs also need maintenance.

But high-density wigs are usually more expensive and need more wig care products just to ensure thickness and freshness in your hair. Similarly, if you prefer short wigs then choose medium-density wigs. Your options vary with long wigs.

How to store a wig when you are not using it?

To extend the lifespan of your wigs it is very important to store wigs especially when you are not wearing them. One of the best ways to store a wig is on a mannequin head or a wig stand.

This will be helpful to avoid tangles and will help you to keep the wigs in place. Moreover, one can also store these wigs in a cool and dry place such as the closest dresser drawer.


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A great way to extend the life of your human hair wigs and pieces is that you need to regularly take care of them. Store it properly and refrain from exposure to the Sun.

Also, try to wash your wigs with mild shampoo and a conditioner designed for human hair. This blog is everything you should know about wigs and human hair pieces.

Even if you can think that wigs are not a good choice for you then it’s better if you go for a custom hairpiece or topper instead.

Browse our website thesapphirehairs.com for more informative posts related to hair extensions and hair care products.


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