Hairstyles you can Accomplish by using a Clip-in Hair Extensions


Hairstyles you can accomplish by using clip-in Hair extensions are the hot talk of the town. If you want to add volume or length to your natural hair, clip-in hair extensions are your answer, and the best thing about them is you can wear them on your own and take them off at the end of the day no need to go to a salon or pay a hair technician.

The possibilities of achieving different hairstyles with clip-in hair extensions are endless.


The best thing about them is during a hairstyle. You can shuffle up hair extensions according to your needs.


You didn’t know that….?

Fear not because now we will go through each style you can make using a clip-in hair extension.

But first of all,

Let’s discuss

What is the proper technique to wear a clip-in hair extension?

Hygiene is essential, so always wash your hair and dry them thoroughly before wearing extensions. The proper technique for wearing clip-in extensions is

  1. To decide where to adjust the clip-in hair extension and make a parting.
  2. The first parting should be 1-2 inches above the nape of your neck because this is the most suitable part of the head for hiding the extensions.
  3. The second parting should be 0.5 inches above the first, and so on.
  4. Backcomb the roots where you want to adjust the clip of your extension.
  5. Back combing will help trap the clips in the hair and secure them in place.

Now, look at the hairstyles you can make after wearing the extension.

Highlight Effect:

High lights in the hair are trendy, and anyone can rock brown ombre hair. You don’t have to go to a salon and get a highlighted hairstyle. Get two different colors of hair extensions, and choose the colors that suit you. The first step of selecting the hair extension is done. Now follow the technique of parting and backcombing the roots and alternatively apply for the dark and light color hair extensions. This method will add stunning highlights to the hair.

Low Ponytail:

The low ponytail is perfect for hiding extensions. It may feel like a boring hairstyle, but having a voluminous ponytail with my ideas for you, you will never think of it as a boring hairstyle again.

Low Ponytail

Diagonal Twist:

Make a low ponytail twist it diagonally and fan out the hair a little bit from the twist to make it messy. Secure the ponytail with some hairpins and bind the hair ends with an elastic band. Hide the elastic band by twisting the hair around the elastic band.

Double Twister:

After making a low ponytail, take a small portion of hair and twist it, fan out hair from those twists to add some volume, and wrap it loosely around the elastic band, then take a small portion from the other side of the pony and repeat the same process. Wear a fancy hair comb at the top middle of the ponytail to add a more elegant look.

French Twist:

To get an elegant and professional-looking ponytail, add a little French twist. This French twist low ponytail is not only good for a business meeting but for adding a pearl hairpin or a comb.

Low Ponytail With Waterfall Dutch Braid:

Yes, it’s a braid, but you can add an exquisite look to a low ponytail by adding any braid you like. Even a side fishtail would work. Make a braid and end it with a pony.

Low Ponytail With Waterfall Dutch Braid

Low Bun:

This style is perfect for hiding hair extensions. For making a low bun:

  1. Part the hair in two sections and comb your hand through them to get a smoothing effect.
  2. Twist the entire length of one portion and after that, pull out the hair from the sides to add more volume and give it a messy look.
  3. Make it into a bun and do the same with the other portion.

Low Bun

Simple Braid With Long Length:

A simple braid is always in trend, and by adding extensions as you braid, your hair can add length to the braid. Adding the hair extension along the braid is tricky. Add the attachments and keep braiding whenever it feels like the volume is decreasing. Decorate it with pearls or add any jewelry of your liking.

High Ponytail:

A High ponytail with a bounce is always charming and adds energy to your look. Wearing clip-in hair extensions for a ponytail is a little different. Make two portions of the hair, front and back, by parting them at the crown from one ear to the other. Now make a pony from the front portion of the hair and add the hair extensions between the front and middle part of the hair. Make the ponytail by adding the second portion of the hair with the first ponytail and extension.

High Ponytail

Double Ponytail:

A double ponytail is another high ponytail technique with a twist. Make a ponytail by using the crown hair. Now around this ponytail, you will see there are free hairs. Leave them directly and add a circle of hair extensions around the ponytail. After you are satisfied with the volume, gather the hair around the first ponytail and make the final ponytail. This action gives a lovely, bouncy ponytail and hides the hair extensions completely.

High Bun:

You can make a high bun with the help of a high ponytail. Make the two portions of the hair and twist it to the full length, fan out the hair to add volume, and morph it into a high bun. Secure it with pins and decorate it with a piece of jewelry.

High Bun

Headband Braid:

For this hairstyle, add the hair extensions to the front of the hair and make a braid from one ear to the other by adding hair strands to the braid from the front side. As the front hair ends, complete the simple braid and use an elastic band to bind it at the end. Hair extensions will have a significant effect when you add them in the direction of the braid.

Headband Braid


The stunning look of the fish braid is a timeless one. You can wear it at weddings, parties, professional functions, and college. This hairstyle is effortless. Make two even parts of the hair. Now you have two pieces left and right. Take a thin strand from the right portion and add it to the left by making it across. Now, do the same with the other side by making a narrow portion from the left side and adding it to the right side. Do this procedure till the hair ends then secure the hair with an elastic band.

DIY Popup-colored Hair Extension:

Colored hair extensions are pretty but committing to them is another thing. We all know the feeling of buying colored hair extensions on a whim, but they always end up in a box after one or two uses. Take a popup powder color of your liking, sandwich the hair between the color and your fingers, and slide it to the end of the strands. Now comb the hair extension to spread the color evenly through the hair. Wear them and VOILĂ€. Using an eyeshadow or blush is a great idea.

DIY Popup-colored Hair Extension

Beachy Waves:

Beachy waves give a stylish boho look to the extension. Regularly curl the hair, but when wearing hair extensions, always start the curling by leaving 2 to 3 inches from the roots and 1 inch from the end. To make the look more voluminous, alternate the curling side. One strand should be curled toward the face, and the second strand should be curled away from the face.

Curls can be of two types:

  • To make the tight curls leave them as they are.
  • For making the loose curl, after curling the strand, pull it for some time, and there you have loose curls.

Beachy Waves

Straight Hair:

The lovely, clean, and elegant look is always in trend. Straightening the hair after wearing the hair extension can give you that look. It’s a timeless look with no boundaries. Straight hair can always be the answer for professional or casual wedding functions and parties.

Precautions for hairstyles by using a clip-in hair extension

  1. Always dry your hair completely before wearing the hair extension.
  2. Before styling your hair with a curler or straightener, always use a hair protectant spray.
  3. Always take off the clip-in hair extensions before bed to increase their lifetime.
  4. Wash your hair extensions by dipping them in soap water for some time, then massaging them along the strands and rinsing them. Let them dry and after drying, comb them with a comb having wide teeth to get the knots out.

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These simple hairstyles you can wear to add elegance and a boho look to your hair extensions. From this day forward, you don’t have to wear flat clip-in extensions again because it’s time to add some spice to your hair extensions. I hope this article has given you some ideas and jogged your creativity.

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