How long do they last? Permanent Hair extensions

What are permanent hair extensions?

Permanent hair extensions consist of natural or synthetic hair strands. You apply these to your existing natural hair using a permanent method like taping, sewing or gluing to add volume, length, and thickness. The use of permanent hair extensions is acceptable for males and females. These extensions come in different lengths and styles, so you can find one that suits you best.

You can also curl, straighten, and dye permanent hair extensions to match your natural hair color and texture. They are an affordable alternative to costly salon treatments or expensive wigs.

Today, people worldwide wear hair extensions in various ways, based on their preference and hair type, ranging from short, cropped styles to long, flowing ones. These options include both temporary and permanent hair extensions.

The first recorded use of human hair for extensions dates back to Ancient Egypt, where they used it to decorate mummies, and since then, they have been used to enhance the beauty of hair.

Temporary hair extensions come with the hassle of applying clip-in early in the morning and removing them in the evening. If you are one of those women with long, thick, and beautiful hair, you are lucky to get away with applying 1 or 2 clip-in, but for those who are not lucky in the “hair department”, applying hair extensions can take a lot of time. A permanent hair extension can be a better option.

Types Of Permanent Hair Extensions

Four main types of permanent hair extensions are the most popular and have their requirements.

1- Tape-in hair extensions


These permanent hair extensions are suitable for thin and fine hair because these extensions’ hair has a very thin band of medical-grade glue with having 4cm width taped to them. These lay flat on the base of the hair and are seamless.

These extensions come in a set of 20 or more small pieces. They come in both double-sided and single-sided tape. They are applied by sandwiching a small portion of hair between two pieces of extension.

The installation process can take almost two hours and is very safe. For beginners, it can be challenging to apply, so it’s better to consult a hair specialist.

How much do they cost?

They can cost from $200 to $400. These extensions are easy to maintain. A person can shampoo and style them as their own. There is just one exception: using the heat carefully so the glue wouldn’t come off and using alcohol-free products as alcohol dissolves the glue.

How long do they last?

They can last for 6 weeks with proper maintenance and care. After six to eight weeks, you need to visit the stylist because that’s how much time is required for hair to grow. Hair growth moves the extensions away from the base and makes them visible. The hair stylist will take these off and tape them to the base of the hair.

How can they be removed?

Tape-in hair extensions are called permeant because they have glue that acts as a binding agent. Taking glue off can be scary without the proper method. Using an alcohol-based solvent is an excellent technique to remove tape-in on hair extensions. Alcohol is a suitable organic solvent that tends to dilute the consistency of the glue and make it easy to break the bond.

Alcohol is further helpful in removing the remaining glue from the hair. Be cautious because alcohol is flammable, and getting this process done by a hair specialist is better.

Pros :

  1. Suitable for thin and fine hairs
  2. Seamless
  3. Take up to two hours for the installation
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Can shampoo and style like natural hair

Cons :

  1. Cannot use alcohol-based hair products
  2. We need to be careful with her when styling
  3. I need to visit the stylist after six weeks for a touch-up
  4. Alcohol used for removing the extension can dry hair

2- Micro-link hair extensions


Microlink hair extensions are those that use micro tubes or microbeads for the attachment of hair extensions. After tape-ins, this is also an excellent option as they offer a natural look and variety. This technique was popular among celebrities around 2014, but now you can find thousands of different posts, videos, and blogs about it. People love wearing these because of their seamless and natural look.

They come in two types depending on their attachment accessory.

  1. I-tips

  2. wefts

I-tips hair extension

I-tips hair extensions have a copper ring and a plastic loop attached to a small portion of extension hairs. These small portions of extension hair give a very natural look. A small portion of the client’s hair is pulled through the copper ring using the plastic loop, and after adjusting the copper ring very close to the client’s scalp, they are clamped using a plier.

Weft hair extensions

Wefts hair extensions have a weft attached to a micro link and are applied to the client’s hair using the same method as I-tips.

These hair extensions can take almost 3-6 hours because it is a strand-by-strand technique. Each portion of hair needs to be carefully taken and pulled through the micro link.

How much do they cost?

They cost $300 to $700.

Maintenance and precautions

  1. Always use a sulphate-free shampoo to keep the hair and scalp moisturized
  2. Use gentle movements to wash hair
  3. Completely dry hair before combing
  4. Use wide teeth comb
  5. After 4-6 weeks, visit the salon for maintenance, including shampoo, tightening, and readjustment of copper rings.

Pros :

  1. Seamless and look natural
  2. Maintenance is easy
  3. The installation process is safe
  4. Suitable for both healthy and thin hair

Cons :

  1. Visit the salon for maintenance every 4-6 weeks
  2. Improper installation causes discomfort and pain
  3. The installation process takes 4-6 hours

3- Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

 Pre-Bonde_ Hair_Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are the most popular hair extensions to date. These extension hairs have pre-filled keratin tips. This keratin acts as a bonding agent between the natural hair and extension hair. Their popularity is because keratin does not harm the hair, as the hair itself consists of 95% keratin.

Installation method

Their application method is also straightforward. The technician bonds keratin-filled tips to the client’s hair by melting keratin at low temperatures with a hot gun. After forming the bond, they mold it into a refined shape by rolling the keratin bond between their fingers.

Thick and healthy hair is best suited for these extensions because they can easily conceal the keratin bond, whereas it may be challenging to hide in thin hair.

How long do they take for installation?

These extensions take 3-4 hours. The required time depends on the number of extensions being installed, which in turn determines the right amount of volume.

How much do they cost?

Pre-bonded hair extensions can cost $300 to $700 and last for 4-5 months if properly cared for. They require maintenance after every 3-4 weeks.

Pros :

  1. Add volume and length
  2. Can add highlights by using colour strands
  3. It can do wonders for thick hair
  4. Firmly bonded with natural hair

Cons :

  1. Heat used during the installation
  2. Acetone is used for removal by dissolving the keratin bond
  3. The technician is required for safe installation and removal because chemicals and heat are involved.
  4. The solidity of the keratin bond can cause irritation and fluffiness in hair.
  5. During maintenance, the hair stylist cannot add fallen hair
  6. You must do heat-requiring hairstyles with caution.

4- Sew-in Hair Extensions


Sew-in extensions are also called braided or weave extensions. These extensions do not require heat and are suitable for coarse and curly hair. Hair stylists braid the hair from one end of the ear to the other depending on the width of your extension and then sew the extension in that braid.

How long do they last?

The installation process takes 4-6 hours and can last for 4-12 weeks if taken properly. Clients who want to give their hair a break from heat and glue welcome this process. These extensions allow clients to thoroughly wash their hair every 12 weeks.

How much do they cost?

They cost $200 to $300 at a salon.

Pros :

  1. Do not need heat or glue
  2. Very good for coarse and curly hair

Cons :

  1. Lasts for only 2-4 weeks
  2. Take a very long time to install
  3. It can cause tension on the scalp and result in hair loss.
  4. There are some things you need to consider before getting permanent hair extensions.

Basic things you need to know before getting extensions:

Remy human hair

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These hairs are also 100% natural chemical, and dye-free. They last longer and have a natural shiny look.

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Do not miss your maintenance appointment because human hair has a cycle, every day; we shed 100 hairs. When we are supporting an extension on those hairs and day by day, the support system gets weak.

Supposedly, on day 1, 300 hairs support an extension; on day 30 or 60, there may be only 250 hairs supporting the same extension. This can cause strain on the hair and cause hair fall or even patch baldness.

Can I dye my hair while wearing permanent extensions?

Yes! You can dye hair even with a permanent hair extension. Just follow the precautions and take good care.

What if I need to remove them?

You can remove them anytime you want. There is no need to keep hair extensions if you are not comfortable with your look. These extensions are out there to make you feel pretty or to help you get your ideal look, not the other way around.

Is it possible for my extensions to last forever?

No! Unfortunately, it’s not possible because these hairs become dry with time, and we all know dryness brings hair breakage, frizz, and a lot of other problems.


Permanent hair extensions are perfect for natural-looking hairs with the desired volume and length. They could last longer and rid you of spending a lot of time every morning fixing them if they were not permanent. You can always go out anytime on a whim without worrying about your hair. All in all, permanent hair extensions are a good choice.

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