Tips: How to Hide Hair Extensions in Short Hair?(Guide)

Hair extensions are a quick and easy way to get the desired hairstyle, no matter the length or volume of the original hair. For instance, women with short hair can achieve the look requiring long hair by using extensions. But they have to make sure that no onlookers can detect the hair extension, and to succeed, they must know the tips and tricks to hide the hair extensions in short hair.

Different reasons for hair extensions not blending with hair having a short length

Hair extensions aim to get a hairstyle with volume and length. If you have short hair, you can achieve the look of long hair with the help of hair extensions. Blending hair extensions in short hair can be a little difficult and tiresome. So, you need to put some extra effort into applying for the hair extension.

But before we discuss how to blend hair extensions, we need to take an overview of hair extensions.

An overview of extensions

Hair extensions can be of various kinds, from permanent to temporary, long to short, and thick to thin. Choosing the right extension for you is important. Otherwise, it can be detected by anyone.


Let’s go through the steps to choose the right extension which can blend with your hair.

1-Blending of hair extension

The first tip to an appropriate extension for short hair is to select the one that is compatible with you, and to do that following steps should be followed:

Select an extension that matches your hair colour because if you have black hair and get an extension of a shade other than black, it’s an easy giveaway that you are wearing extensions.

Try to get human hair because they blend easily. Remy’s hair is the best quality human hair.

Synthetic and human hairs give an unnatural shine that is noticeable, so if you cannot afford high quality, human hair invests in the one with low quality.

Now that you have selected the hair extension, what other changes should be made to make it more natural?

2-A haircut for extension

This trick gives a very natural look to your extension. Suppose you have a pixie or bob cut and are wearing long extensions. You can give them a natural look by blending your hair with the extension through a simple layer cut on the front.

Cutting the extension hair from the front side would look like you have long hair with a front layer cut. Getting cut from a hair salon is recommended because you have spent too much, and we don’t want to ruin those beautiful extension hairs by a simple, honest mistake. But if you are confident that you are up for the task, then do it yourself.

3-Hair extensions with curls

Curls have a lot of volumes, and if something is hidden beneath them, well, no one can spot that. So, your love for curls can be a lifesaver here because no matter what type of extension you want, you can easily hide clips or tapes under the volume of curls.

4- Braid the hairs

Hiding the hair extensions by braiding the hair is very simple and effective, and you can kill two birds with one stone. Just combine your natural hair with the extension hair and get a nice long braid. Now twist it and secure it on top of the head at the point where you have attached your extension. This way, you get natural-looking long hair with a hairstyle.

5-Use a head ornament

Many celebrities, as well as influencers, use this trick. Head ornaments are of many forms, like a head scarf, jewellery, and headband. It would help you hide the hair extension and enhance your overall look. The headscarf comes in many lengths and widths. You can choose one of your liking, and you can even match it with your outfit. Jewellery and headbands also have a lot of variety. Choose the one which makes you comfortable. Just be careful to secure it correctly at the point where your hair extension is attached.

6-Get heavier hair extensions

Heavier extensions have more volume because of having more strands of hair. This heavier version of hair extensions gives the advantage of no need to add a more considerable num of wefts. A small num of extensions can get you your perfect look. On the other hand, if you choose light extensions, a large number of extensions would be needed to hide them in short hair.

7-Hide the base of hair extensions

The base of the hair extensions should be appropriately hidden; otherwise, you can see the edges of hair extensions underneath the short hairs. You can hide the base of hair extensions by using different techniques. Some of them are as follows:

  • Use pins to hide the hair extensions

You can hide the base of the hair extension by using hair pins underneath the extension. This will help to flatten the base of hair extension and make it easy to hide in short hair.

  • Use lace wefts to hide the hair extensions

Lace wefts are another option to have a nice natural look. These extensions are seamless, and their edges are not as thick as other wefts, which makes them easier to hide. Lace frontal and lace closure are other reasonable options. They can hide in a short haircut as they are seamless.

8-Hair styling to blend natural hair with the extension

Different hairstyles can help blend your natural short hair with long hair extensions. You can mix the short lock with long locks by curling the hair. You can also straighten the hair or braid the hair and even twist them to blend the hair.

9-Wigs and hairpieces

Wearing a wig to get your ideal look is a perfect method of them all. There is no need to hide the edges, choose the right colour, or cut the strands from the front to make the hair extension part of your natural hair. Wigs come in different colours, lengths, and volumes; you can choose them according to the hairstyle you want and wear them.

Precautions to take before using hair extensions

  1. It would be best to take the following precautions before using the hair extension on short hair.
  2. Always wash your hair thoroughly and adequately before wearing the hair extensions because hygiene is a must.
  3. By washing the hair, always gently rub the scalp to get rid of the oil and sebum.
  4. Secondly, dry your hair completely before applying for the hair extension.
  5. Flatten your hair as much as possible against the scalp, so the lace of hair extensions looks natural. Styling gel can be used to flatten short hair.


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Can you suggest some of the finest hair extensions for short-length hair?

The best hair extensions for short hair are

Clip-in hair extensions: These extensions use clips for the attachment, which helps secure the extensions tightly to the scalp and gives a natural look.

Tape-in hair extension: These extensions have double-sided tape that can easily stick to the surface of the head and can be hidden in short hairs.

Lace hair extension: these extensions have lace or silk wefts that are seamless and easy to blend.

How can I hide hair extensions in a short pixie haircut of mine?

A pixie haircut is short, so the same steps apply to hide extensions in a pixie haircut.

What are the advantages of using natural hair extensions (Ramey’s hair)?

They are easily blendable because they give the extensions a natural shine and texture. They have a longer lifespan as compared to synthetic hair extensions.

What curls are best when choosing a hair extension for short hair?

Always choose a hair extension that has voluminous curls because tight curls are not suitable for hiding hair extensions in short hair. These will also help to add volume to the hair.

How can you differentiate between a lace frontal and a lace closure?

Closures are used to recreate the natural parting of the hairline and are generally sewn into place. At the same time, frontals recreate the hairline from ear to ear and are bonded to add versatility to the styling.


After reading this article, I hope you get an idea of how to hide hair extensions in short hair. Always choose the hair extensions that look natural upon wearing, and have the right colour, volume, and length for you. Hide hair extensions by styling or selecting any of the methods mentioned earlier.

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