Tips: How to Make your Hair Grow Faster?


Some of us dream to have long beautiful hair and we can’t make your hair grow faster. But truth is that there are no secret tips that will make your hair long and magical like Rapunzel. But here in this blog, we are going to discuss tips about how to make your hair grow faster.

Make Hair Grow Faster:

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1) Do scalp massage:

To stimulate hair growth, hair massage is one of the simplest ways. Hair massage, not only your scalp feel great but it also boasts blood circulation and strengthens the hair.

Moreover going through hair massage also mobilizes the scalp oil and strengthens the roots. Hair massage is also useful and it keeps your hair moist.

A scalp massage brings relaxation and also contributes towards the growth of your hair. Coconut oil massage is packed with essential vitamins and acts as a natural oil conditioner. If you massage your hair with hot oil then it nourishes and soothes the scalp.

Do scalp massage

2) Consume a healthy and balanced diet:

A healthy diet makes sure that your hair gets all the needed nutrients and minerals. A balanced diet contains all the nutrients needed to make your hair grow long and strong. Food rich in minerals also improves overall hair growth.

If you consume food that is rich in proteins and amino acids, then it will contribute to your hair growth. This is one of the best tips about how to make your hair grow faster.

healthy and balanced diet

3) Avoid excess use of styling tools:

Refrain from using an excess of styling tools such as blow dryers, curling, or flat irons. Heat styling tools will damage your hair and will make it dry or brittle. If you need to use these tools, make sure you use them at low temperatures.

Use of styling tools

4) Don’t brush your hair too much:

Hair brushing is important but too much will damage your overall hair strands. The constant friction found can break your hair strands and keep your hair away from nourishing.

So the key is to brush your hair when needed and release natural oils as they are useful to improve the growth of your hair. Too much brushing may cause traction alopecia which is harmful, so be careful.

brush your hair too much

5) Lessen stress:

High stress and hypertension is also the root cause of hair fall. To lower your stress levels, try to practice yoga, meditation, and other stress-relieving exercises. You must get 8 hours of sleep every night and nurture relaxing hobbies.

6) Take supplements:

Nutritional deficiencies can stop your hair growth too. Along with real food, you must take supplements as they will boost your overall hair growth. Try to consume biotin and multivitamin supplements as they are helpful about how to make your hair grow faster.

Using a few omega-3s can also play an important role in the growth of your hair.

Take supplements

7) Maintain distance from bleach:

The use of hair bleaches opens the cuticles of your hair and may cause serious damage to your hair. Hairs that are treated chemically are more likely to encounter hair breakage and split ends. The fewer chemical treatments, the more your hair will grow faster.

8) With cold water, rinse your hair:

   Try to rinse your hair with cold water as it allows the cuticles to smooth out and lie flat. It also makes your overall hair smooth, soft, and easy to manage. Keep yourself away from rinsing your hair with hot water as it might damage your hair.

On the other hand, rinsing hair with cold water seals the cuticles and improves the growth of hair.

9) Deeply condition your hair regularly:

A good conditioner is helpful in replacing the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and also seals the hair cuticle. Deep conditioning your hair will help hydrate hair strands. It also repairs damaged hair and eliminates frizz.

10) Keep your hair clean:

For better growth and hair hygiene, it is very important to keep your hair clean. Washing your hair every day will bring more harm than good. It will also flush out the natural scalp oil.

A good replacement will be the use of chemical-free shampoos. Using an excess of shampoo will dehydrate your hair. Hair roots are weak when they are wet so try to comb your hair after every wash.

Keeping your hair clean is one of the best tips for how to make your hair grow faster.

11) Trim your hair when required:

Damaged hair with split ends slowly down the growth of your hair. Trimming your hair regularly is an important part of the hair care routine. But if left untreated, it makes your hair look dull.

Remember also don’t do trimming more than needed and the average trimming time should be after every 2 to 3 months. Also, cut your hair half an inch while you are out at a salon for trimming.

12) Replace your pillow covers:

Switch your regular pillow covers with silk covers. Cotton pillow covers play an important role in lifting the outer layer of your hair. It will also be more likely to undergo frizz, breakage, and damage. Silk comes with less friction and is smoother.

13) Use microfiber towels:

Wrap your hair after a wash in a towel is necessary. Wet hair is more likely to face breakage. So try to dry your hair with a towel and this will save your hair from breakage. Also, change your towel with one made of microfiber.

Traditional bath towers contain large woven fibers and they bring more hair breakage and damage. Towels made of microfiber are not too fluffy. They also can absorb water directly from your hair without causing much damage.

14) Use natural hair masks:

The hair mask contains natural ingredients that help to nourish your hair and also help to make your hair grow faster. You can use plenty of options that will moisturize your hair. Onion juice, coconut milk, egg, and cinnamon masks help to stimulate blood circulation.

Natural hair masks

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These are 14 tips that can promote your hair to grow faster. You need to follow all these tricks if you want to learn how to make your hair grow faster. This guideline is perfect for a beginner especially young girls who want to look fresh on any event with natural hair glow.

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