Hair Extensions for Short Hair: Enhance Your Look

By | September 30, 2022


Short hair can be chic and stylish, but sometimes, you may crave the versatility of long, flowing locks. Hair extensions are a fantastic solution to add length and volume to your hair without waiting for it to grow naturally. But before we discuss hair extension for short hair, we need to take an overview of hair extension.

Choosing the Right Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Selecting the perfect extensions for your short hair is crucial for a seamless blend and a stunning end result. Consider the following factors before making a choice:

Consider Hair Texture

Choosing extensions that match your natural hair texture is essential for seamless integration. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, there are extensions available to complement your unique texture.

Selecting the Perfect Color

Matching the color of the extension to your natural hair is vital. Consult with a professional or use color swatches to find the closest match to your current hair color.

Determining the Length and Weight

For short hair, opt for extensions that are not too long and heavy. Longer extensions may not blend well with short hair, and heavy extensions can cause strain on your roots.

Quality Matters

Invest in high-quality extensions to ensure they look natural, last longer, and cause minimal damage to your natural hair.

Preparing Your Short Hair for Extension

Before applying for hair extension, follow these preparation steps to achieve the best results:

Trim Your Hair

Get a fresh haircut to eliminate split ends and ensure your natural hair is in good condition. It’s important to trim your hair regularly to keep it healthy and looking its best. Trimming helps remove split ends and prevents them from traveling up the hair shaft, causing more damage.

By getting rid of these damaged ends, your hair will grow stronger and smoother. So, don’t forget to schedule a trim every few months to maintain the beauty and vitality of your locks!

Ensure Clean and Dry Hair

Wash your hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup. Make sure your hair is completely dry before applying the extensions.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Hair

Assess the health of your natural hair. Avoid applying extensions if your hair is damaged or overly processed.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Extensions for Short Hair


  • Do invest in high-quality extensions for the most natural look.
  • Do consult with a professional hairstylist for application and removal.
  • Do follow the recommended care and maintenance routine for your extensions.


  • Don’t neglect your natural hair while wearing extensions; proper care is essential.
  • Don’t sleep with wet hair, as it can cause tangling and matting.
  • Don’t attempt to remove extensions on your own, especially fusion extensions.


Precautions to take before using hair extension

  1. It would be best to take the following precautions before using the hair extension on short hair.
  2. Always wash your hair thoroughly and adequately before wearing the hair extension because hygiene is a must.
  3. By washing the hair, always gently rub the scalp to get rid of the oil and sebum.
  4. Secondly, dry your hair completely before applying for the hair extension.
  5. Flatten your hair as much as possible against the scalp, so the lace of the hair extension looks natural. Styling gel can be used to flatten short hair.


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Can you suggest some of the finest hair extensions for short-length hair?

The best hair extensions for short hair are

Clip-in hair extension: These extensions use clips for the attachment, which helps secure the extension tightly to the scalp and gives a natural look.

Tape-in hair extension: These extensions have double-sided tape that can easily stick to the surface of the head and can be hidden in short hairs.

Lace hair extension: these extensions have lace or silk wefts that are seamless and easy to blend.

How can I hide hair extensions in a short pixie haircut of mine?

A pixie haircut is short, so the same steps apply to hide extensions in a pixie haircut.

What are the advantages of using natural hair extensions (Ramey’s hair)?

They are easily blendable because they give the extension a natural shine and texture. They have a longer lifespan as compared to synthetic hair extensions.

What curls are best when choosing a hair extension for short hair?

Always choose a hair extension that has voluminous curls because tight curls are not suitable for hiding hair extensions in short hair. These will also help to add volume to the hair.

How can you differentiate between a lace frontal and a lace closure?

Closures are used to recreate the natural parting of the hairline and are generally sewn into place. At the same time, frontals recreate the hairline from ear to ear and are bonded to add versatility to the styling.


After reading this article, I hope you get an idea of how to hide extensions in short hair. Always choose the extension that looks natural upon wearing, and has the right color, volume, and length for you. Hide hair extensions by styling or selecting any of the methods mentioned earlier.

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