Hair Integration Systems Pros and Cons


Hair integration systems and surgical hair replacement both are effective for hair loss, and both have their pros and cons. There was once a time when getting artificial hair or human hair wigs could make you the target of mockery but with time it became a trend.

Everyone affected by hair loss gets one or the other procedure. Deciding between these two hair replacement methods and thinking about, if you really want it or not, is important. This decision is not to be taken lightly. I have decided to draft this article to help you by highlighting the pros and cons of the hair integration system.

Why do we need pros and cons?

Nowadays, having more than one solution for the same problem may feel like a blessing but choosing one of them can be confusing at times. In these kinds of situations, I always opt for the pros and cons list. This list can help you decide if getting a hair integration system is the best option for you or not.

Pros of hair integration systems:

There are the following pros (advantages) of the hair integration systems.

1- Hair Integration Non-surgical

A hair integration system is a non-invasive method that helps to camouflage your hair loss or to add thickness or length to already present hair. Surgeries are not only invasive and expensive they also need aftercare where you need to take steroids to accelerate the hair growth.


Non-surgical_integration | Hair Integration Systems 1

2- Hair Integration Instant result

The hair integration system gives instant results and does not require waiting. It helps you hide hair loss or baldness like it never existed. You can go out the same day you get your integration system, and no one will suspect a thing while the surgical method requires an agonizing wait period, and even after waiting the results may not be what you expected.

During the installation of the hair integration system if you feel the thickness, style or length is not of your choice you can ask to change the hairpiece or even select the hairpiece of your choice before getting it fitted.

3- Zero side effects

Hair surgeries may have side effects in the form of scalp pain, itching, inflammation, puss formation, etc. because it involve skin grafting, scalp reduction, or hair transplant. These all procedures need proper aftercare while in the case of a hair integration system, you do not have to worry about any side effects.

4- Reversible Hair Integration

What if you get a hair surgical procedure to get thicker hair, but do not like the look on your face? You may want to go back to your old hairstyle for some reason. What then?

In these kinds of cases hair integration is the best option because, if you don’t like the look, you can always go back to not wearing the hair system and be natural.

Reversible_ Hair Integration

5- Styling possibilities

The integration system provides the possibility to get different hairstyles, hair colors, and haircuts. A person can own different hairpieces and can change them according to their mood. They can wear long hair, or short hair or can have a layer, step, or bob cut. These hairpieces can also be curled, straightened, and blow-dried.


Styling_possibilities - Hair Integration Systems 3

6- Less expensive as compared to surgery

Hair integration may feel expensive due to choosing the best option available and all the maintenance after that. But spending insignificant amounts is easy as compared to the lump sum amount you need for a surgical procedure. All the other possibilities of infections, not getting your expectations fulfilled, aftercare, anti-bacterial drugs, and steroids further make the surgical procedure less attractive.

7- No donor hair needs

A surgical procedure needs a donor’s hair. These hairs can also be collected from the patient’s own body. This hair collection procedure is also painful, but in the case of hair integration, you don’t have to go through this procedure. Hairpieces are available on the market. You just need to select them according to your requirements.

8- Lightweight and comfortable

The hair integration system is lightweight and comfortable. All the materials used in hair integration systems, either polyurethane, polyester, or nylon, are lightweight and durable. A person can choose a hairpiece that matches their hair color, or they can dye it. They can do whatever they want to feel comfortable and confident with their look.

9- Mental well-being

Hair loss can have adverse effects on a person’s self-esteem, confidence, and mental health. Losing hair may cause depression in some people. They may lose interest in getting out of the house or going to their workplace. So, hair integration is a particularly good method to get that self-esteem and confidence back. Because self-image is everything when a person loses there is nothing left.

10- Physical activities

A person can participate in all the physical activities she wants to. A person can go swimming too while wearing an integration system. They just need to take the precautions, suggested by their stylist, after swimming. The hair system needs to be properly dried after a shower or swimming. You should also wash your hair system once or twice per week to take care of your hygiene.

Cons of hair integration system :

There are the following cons (disadvantages) of the hair integration system.

1- Hair Integration Regular maintenance

If you want to wear a semi-permanent hair integration system, you need to purchase two of them so that when one is being repaired and maintained you can wear the second one. Let’s face it, no matter how good the weaving or bounding process is, or how much care you are being, these are not your actual hairs, and cannot act like one.

They will always need a little maintenance at the end of the month, and you will have to keep in mind that budget. These maintenances are important to keep the look natural and clean.

2- Partial Hair cut

You have a hair integration system that is of a specific style. This integration system always remains like that because of its inability to grow. But the hair around this integration system will grow up according to its natural cycle and would need a haircut to look the part of the hair integration style.

3- Head shave

Semi-permanent hair integration via mesh can be a little tricky. Sometimes it’s not possible to integrate the existing hair into the mesh no matter what the consultants tell you. Because sometimes there is not enough hair to hold the mesh and because of that mesh may need to be glued to the scalp.

In these cases, not only the head is shaved but also a few hairs around the parameter are cut to give a natural look. It may come as a shock upon your visit when the sales pitch seems different from the actual procedure.

Head_shave -

4- Repeat buying parts

If you think buying an integration system and getting it fixed by a stylist is the end of the story then think again. Hair integration is not a one-time investment. It needs tweaks and maintenance after every 4-6 weeks. In every maintenance visit, the hairpiece or mesh may need repairing.

A weft of hairs can be added to the hair piece and mesh can be removed, washed, and again fixed on the scalp. It all depends upon the condition of your integration system. In short, you need a budget of $300 every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.

5- No washing under the hair system

A semi-permanent hair integration system does not stop you from washing your hairpiece. You can wash it like your natural hair but if this system is attached to the scalp via liquid adhesive, then washing the scalp under a hair integration system is impossible. This impossibility of washing under hair integration, and because of it the accumulation of dried flaky skin, sebum, and dead cells are un-hygienic and a major disadvantage.

6- Hair loss under the hair system

A hair integration system is supposed to mask hair loss. During maintenance, most of the clients find out they are losing hair under the mesh, and it can be depressing and devastating. The problem is you never know if the hair fall is due to a hair integration system or simply your hair-losing situation is progressing.

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Hair integration is one of the most hyped trends in the fashion industry and is an extension of the human hair industry. It is a great solution to hair loss and baldness.

Some women also use it to add thickness and length to their hair. But, before you get emotionally attached to this, you need to know what you are getting into. Like any other system and procedure, it has its own pros and cons.

But if a person gets a hang of its aftercare and maintenance then its pros beat its cons. So, you must make an educated choice according to your preferences and budget, I hope I have assisted you in making that choice.

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