Human Hair Extensions Sew In – Beginner’s Guide

By | August 11, 2022

These days everyone is looking for a beginner’s guide to Human Hair Extensions Sew In. They have become a pretty popular method of increasing your hair length and volume.

You can easily touch the sky as you have the authority to change the color and make your hair look long with the help of extensions. You can also enjoy different hairstyles depending on the type of hair extensions you are using.

Keep reading this amazing blog to learn more about a beginner’s guide to sewing in hair extensions/weaves.

What do you need to know about the Sew hair extensions?

Sew-in hair/weave extensions are made up of small cornrow braids which are used as anchors. Moreover, they are attached to the hair wefts by utilizing a needle and weaving thread.

You also got the opportunity to choose between the sew leave out. It also keeps the parameters of your scalp and hair loose enough to cover the tracks.

They are more complicated to understand as compared to other hair extensions such as tape and clip-in hair extensions.

Female with Hair Extension

How to attach these hair extensions to your hair?

Using the standard sewing method, these are exactly installed into your natural hair and they can significantly pull thin hair.

It can be the reason for damaging a person’s natural hair. If hair extensions are directly placed on your scalp, then it can be a source of headaches.

Make sure you apply for hair extensions only if you have very thick shiny hair so you can bring better results.

Hair Extensions Sew In

How much time is required to install human hair extensions sew-in?

Ages are required to install these extensions. It can also literally take your hairdresser hours to install these weave extensions since the main goal is to sew them into the client’s job delicately.

The overall process is complex so it needs a lot of time. Also, keep in mind that you get installed these hair extensions by a professional hairdresser who is well versed in installing these hair extensions.

Don’t try to try these hair extensions at home by yourself. It is very hard to install (beginner’s guide to sewing in hair extensions/weaves) sew-in/ weave hair extensions because you cannot look at your head and backside.

You can harm yourself seriously if you try to install these by yourself.

Greatest Advantage of Weave/Sew in extensions:

They are the most permanent type of hair extension and this is considered one of the greatest advantages. These extensions don’t fall out easily unlike other extensions clip and tape-in hair extensions as they are directly sewn into your hair.

They are pretty popular because of their property of being durable and permanent.  Also, they look natural as it contains no seam that can make them more visible.

Advantage of Weave

How long do the sew-in extensions last?

As sew-in hair extensions are made up of natural human hair they can last longer without being damaged. But after some time when natural hair began to grow the buns or braids in which hair was sewn became loose.

As a result, your hair extensions become displaced from their original position and now you need to remove them and install them again. You must remove these extensions from your natural hair after about 6 to 8 weeks.

If you keep them installed in your natural hair it becomes difficult for your hair to grow.  This also slows down the growth of your hair.

So now if you want to grow your hair, then you must remove these hair extensions after about six to seven weeks. The maximum limit to keep using these weave and sew-in extensions is about 3 months.

If applied for too long it may damage your scalp and also slows down the growth of your natural hair.

How much is the cost of sewing in hair extensions/weaves?

The cost of sewing in hair extensions is the same as other types of sewing in hair extensions and weaves. Depending on the brand and hair quality you use the cost for full head coverage varies from $100 to $200.

A hairstylist might say to you that go for higher-priced hair extensions because they are more durable. But this is not the case.

To know more about sew-in hair extensions products at reasonable rates you must check out the reviews of other extensions online on trustworthy websites.

Also, be familiar with the paid and sponsored YouTube channels that provide fake information. Make sure you go for authentic and trustworthy reviews.

Why choose sew-in hair extensions?

You should always prefer the sew-in hair extensions that are made up of natural hair and are supposed to stay in your head for a long time.

One of the expensive things about (the beginner’s guide to sewing in hair extensions/weaves) sewing in hair extensions is that you need an experienced and professional hairdresser to install these hair extensions. The hairdresser will charge you a lot for these as the process is complex and takes a lot of time to install.

According to a rough estimate, your hairdresser might charge you $100 for these hair extensions.

So the total cost of these hair extensions varies from $100 to $400 if you include the hairdresser charges also.

Hair Extensions

Pros of sew-in weave extensions:

Now it’s time to think about the pros of sew-in weave extensions. As compared to other types of extensions, there exist many advantages of these.

Listed below are some of the pros of sew-in and weave extensions.

  • Pretty inexpensive

 Sew-in weave extensions are pretty inexpensive and if you compare this with other hair extensions and. As we already have discussed how long do these extensions last? This type of hair extension lasts longer at cheap prices.

  • Add to the volume and length of your hair

Using these hair extensions can add to your hair volume and length overnight. You can rely on these extensions if you are going to a wedding yesterday and want to double the length of your hair.

Also, these extensions help transform your hair from thin and short to long. In a matter of hours, you will feel your hair voluminous. The results you achieve here are quick and immediate.

  • Works best for thick hair

If you own thick hair and you are not sure which hair extensions you should get then these should be your ultimate choice. Yes, absolutely because these work best, especially with thick hair.

  • Safe to tie with natural hair

Sew-in hair extensions are very safe to tie with natural human hair and they don’t slip away or fall away.

On the other hand, other types of hair extensions just as clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions and can also easily fall out of your hair relatively easily.

These weaves extension wefts are sewn into your braided hair with the help of thread and needles.  This kind of bond is stronger than all other bonds. So, due to these reasons, weave extensions are safe, permanent, and secure.

You also don’t need to worry about slipping these hair extensions in the middle of an event. In this way even if the braids come to loss.

  • Less damaging as compared with other extension types

These hair extensions can cause less harm to your real human hair. They also do need not any type of glue or tape during the installation process.

Tape or glue can also cause damage even if you have very fragile hair however the installation process does limit your real human hair.

Cons of sew-in weave extensions:

As we have already discussed the pros of sew-in weave extensions, now just have a look at the cons.

  • Not suitable for thin hair

They are not good for people with thin hair and in some cases, the wefts of the hair can pull too much. It brings a lot of hair damage.

  • Can’t enjoy different hairstyles

Using the sew-in hair extensions, you can’t make different hairstyles and must use them carefully. The main reason is that they are directly sewn into your braid and the braid is also kept fixed.

Then there exist very limited hairstyles.

  • Needs to be washed frequently

Braids are made for a long time so these extensions need to be washed frequently.

  • Not easy to find a professional hairdresser or hairstylist

Installing these hair extensions is a very difficult process as it is quite technical so the process becomes daunting.

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Before you purchase sew-in hair extensions online you must be aware of what it means, and how to install and take care of these extensions.

Sapphire Hair is on a mission to provide authentic information about different types of hair extensions, especially for beginners.

We hope that finally, you have made your decision to buy or not buy these hair extensions. If you have any other queries, definitely you can contact us at Life is too short to do experiments and doing experiments with your hair will make you in love with yourself.

Try out the sew-in hair extensions if you feel suitable for you to have. They are trending these days and you can easily get them for a reasonable price.

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