How to care for your hair extension

How to take care of your Hair extensions correctly


It does not matter if you are a new user of hair extensions or have already used hair extensions in the past. The fantastic idea is to take care of your hair extensions correctly. You need to set up an excellent routine to achieve your hair goals.

Moreover, to make your hair extensions last longer, you need to follow the above below-listed habits. You can take care of your extensions with proper care and attention. This information is readily applicable to all types of extensions.

It also does not make a difference if they are clip-in or sew-in extensions. Keep reading this blog by sapphire hair to learn more about hair extensions and tips and tricks related to hair.

Let’s jump into the tips for caring for your hair extensions.

Remove hair extensions before sleeping:

Just like makeup, you are removing hair extensions before bed is essential. If you sleep in hair extensions and don’t remove them, they will detangle quickly. Thus it will harm the clips of the hair extensions.

It would help if you took off your clips before going to bed. Limit the tangling during the entire process, and keep in mind that you do it from top to bottom. In the care of sew-in hair extensions, you can’t sleep easily.

You must wear a silk scarf or sleeping cap while sleeping to refrain from frizz or tangling.

Use gentle shampoo and conditioner:

It would help if you used a gentle shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions. Hair extensions are also safe for colored hair as the dyed shade matches your hair. In the case of hair extensions made from human hair, only use the shampoo or conditioner as recommended by the hairstylist.

So, keep your hair smooth, soft, shiny, and manageable.

Comb your hair extensions from the ends:

Make sure that you always comb your hair extensions from the ends. You must use a wig brush, or wide tooth searched to avoid detangling and combine your extensions. If you start from the bottom and then go upward, the comb is essential in preventing detangling and unnecessary breakage of your hair.

To ensure that hair extensions last longer, you must take care of them.

Don’t wash your hair like usual:

If you use sew-in hair extensions, no worries; wash your hair twice a week like you usually do. But if you are using clip-in hair extensions, wash only once a month.

You might think it is an extended period, but clip-in hair extensions don’t contain natural oils or nutrients like your normal hair. So if you wash your hair often, it will make your hair brittle, tangled, and frizzy.

Apply hair protect ant spray on your hair:

If your hair extensions are for an occasion or wedding, you need to style them accordingly. Applying heat protectant spray on your hair before styling with any heating tool is essential. This safe your hair from any damage and look dull.

Refrain from applying heat:

Sometimes you might forget hair extensions are not connected to your scalp and don’t receive the needed oil. It is also important not to excessively use heating tools to style your hair. It will destroy the texture and look of your hair extensions.

Moreover, instead of using a heat styling tool, make sure that you use a texture spray.

Store hair appropriately for long-term usage:

Store them properly for more extended usage to prevent your hair from tangling. It is a good idea to store your hair extensions, especially the clip, in the shoe box.

While storing hair extensions in a shoe box, make sure you make a ponytail of your hair extensions so they don’t mix well with each other.

In easy words, try to wrap each weft around the other before securing them with a soft hair tie.

Color your hair as per choice:

It is straightforward to color your extensions as per choice. It is even better to leave this matter to a professional hair stylist. You think that you can color your hair yourself, but getting the desired color in the first go is impossible.

You will learn how to color your hair correctly if you are a newbie. Remember that the first task is to color your natural hair and then match the color of hair extensions with your natural hair.

Show love and care for your hair extensions:

While you know you have paid a fortune for your favorite color extensions, make sure that you treat extensions fairly. Shower some love and care for your hair extensions just like you do for your natural hair.

The maintenance methods for your hair extensions and natural hair are different. So you can’t commit to lengthy natural hair extensions, and make sure you don’t invest your precious money in them.

Keep the moisture around the hair extensions alive:

Sew-in hair extensions quickly absorb the natural oils and nutrients from the scalp, while on the other hand, clip-in hair extensions don’t experience such exposure. If you want to keep your hair extensions healthy, make sure that you use a leave-in conditioner once a week. It also keeps your hair extensions safe from getting ruined.

Please don’t use too many products as it can make your hair extensions greasier than your natural hair.

Upgrade your hair styling products:

You can’t use any hair styling products on your extensions. It is essential to do some research before you decide to use them. The best thing is to find styling products that have a gentle formula.

Instead of using old hair spray, try to upgrade it with something new, which is easy to go with hair extensions and is color safe.

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So make sure you follow these tips and tricks to properly take care of your hair extensions in the long run like a pro. But don’t hesitate to share your experience.

Sapphire Hairs are here to provide you with all the detailed information about hair care routines, hair care tips, and tricks. Stay in touch with us to get more updates regarding hair extensions.

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