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Hair Extensions Micro Links- A Comprehensive Guide

Hair extensions micro-links are regarded as one of the most reliable hair extensions. Still, there exist some factors that you need to consider before you invest in these hair extensions.

These are a type of hair extensions in which a silicone bead is utilized to bind the extension of hair bands. This strand of hair extensions is connected to the microbead and the bead is then clamped shut to secure the hair in place.

Thus this whole process is called micro links. On the other hand, hairdressers commonly use the individual sections of the hair, and this way track of hair can be identified.

The micro link hair extensions can last anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks. It simply depends on how much they are maintained and cared for. The entire process is relatively easy. Overall overcoming can be a more natural-looking extension.

No bulk, or trading, and it can be safely removed. In this blog, we are going to have a look at the micro links to hair extensions and especially everything you need to know about them.

What do you need to know about micro-links hair extensions?

Microlink hair extensions are an excellent way to keratin, sew-ins, and glue extensions, especially for women of all ages. From superstars to beautiful brides, many people consider these extensions to be the ideal hairstyle.

It consists of the strand-by-strand application of individual hair extensions to your hair that employs little metallic loops attached to the hair extensions.

This complete method is called micro looping, micro-linking, and so on.

Moreover, the micro link installation expert can loop a hair extension around a strand of your natural hair. Even the hairdresser or specialist can also loop hair extensions around a strand of your natural hair.


Girl Used Micro Link Extension


Find the best hairstylist:

The Internet contains a lot of information including salons and stylist reviews. Other social media channels also can help you a lot. Also, ask someone familiar with the usage of micro-link hair extensions.

How long do micro-link hair extensions last?

Micro-link hair extensions can last up to five or six months if installed and cared for properly. Only an experienced hair extension stylist can provide the best possible installation. Expert has the expertise, skills, knowledge, and right techniques to install your micro bead hair in a way that looks natural, high quality, and sophisticated.

The cost required for buying:

The cost of micro-link hair extensions can vary from $500 to $1000 or more. Moreover, other extra services including hair coloring and cutting can raise the price. It’s best to schedule a personal consultation so that the stylist can have a look if you are a good fit.

Micro Link Hair Extensions Advantages:

These extensions provide a wide range of benefits. It provides you with add length and volume to your hair. It also brings diversity to choosing ideas about the color of hair.

  • It is considered safe for those who take this as a good approach when applied or removed correctly.
  • They are also one of the least damaging options for hair extensions if provided with frequent maintenance.
  • When it comes to these extensions, very little maintenance is required. On the other hand, your hairdresser would invite you to schedule regular appointments for care and simple repairs.
  • These extensions are many cost-effective for the occasion.
  • Micro Link Hair Extensions seamlessly bind with your natural hair. It also gives you a wide range of styling possibilities.

Some Disadvantages:

     No doubt that there are many benefits of wearing micro link extensions but you also need to consider them before continuing with the insertion process.

  • One of the most talked about disadvantages is the potential of injury to the hair or scalp that occurs with poor installation.
  • These extensions can bring a lot of pain if not installed correctly.
  • As extensions are fitted close to the scalp can cause irritation and a lot of pain.
  • Another disadvantage is that the removal process is very difficult.
  • You need to properly consult any professional hair stylist and pay attention to serious problems.

Maintaining your hair extensions:

You need to properly take care of your hair extensions and you need consistency as well as professional help.

Moreover, you also need to get your micro beading hair extension after every 2 to 3 weeks.

It will increase the lifespan and will bring the absolute least for maintenance. Most importantly, a stylist knows how much important it is to change components, that completely change with time.

Comb and brush hair properly:

Your hair extensions may appear to be natural and beautiful. Moreover, several stylists advise using a nylon boar bristle brush or a loop brush.

To avoid tangling, you must separate those strands at the roots by taking the help of a hair brushing routine.

Are Micro Link Hair extensions comfortable to wear?

These hair extensions are the best replacement for the weaves and are also considered light in weight. They easily mix well with your natural hair and also don’t require any prior braiding.

Microlink extensions work well with everyone as long as their natural hair is 4 inches long and above. If you have a sensitive scalp then these extensions fit best with your natural hair.

With perfect color, dimension, density, and length these are perfect for you. Even the spaces on your head that result from the stress of bad cuts will be concealed.

But this is not considered a good style if you don’t condition and wash your hair properly. These extensions are not considered good, especially for broken or damaged prone.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Are they safe for people of all ages?

Micro-link hair extensions can be applied to people of all ages as they are safe. The texture is not considered an important factor in the installation process. But they are designed to blend well with your natural hair. To have a beautiful look, pick the one that is good for your hair.

Texture plays an important role in maintaining and styling your hair without consuming much time.

Thus in micro links hair extensions; your hair is not braided or sewn. You can easily clean and properly maintain it. It’s hair cleansing that promotes hair growth.

So, these extensions don’t increase hair growth.

Can you oil your hair extensions?

To keep your hair healthy, moisturizing hair is beneficial for overall growth. You can apply and use hair masks if you want to. Before you decide to apply oil to your natural hair, involve your hairstylist for guidance.

Whoever adores the natural-looking aspect, micro hair extensions are the best choice.

Why do people choose micro-links?

Many of the people around us choose micro-links for their natural appearance. It also allows for a half-up, ponytail, or another popular hairstyle.

Many people prefer to use micro link extensions because they fit well with your natural hair. One can also use micro-link hair extensions of the same color and texture. Also, use hair extensions that match your hair color.

There are different types of hair textures but you can pick one of your choices. Moreover, you can also straighten, blow, or perm the different patterns a little bit.

Micro links if used of the same color that matches your texture save a lot of your precious time.

Who doesn’t work best for microlinks?

Naturalists having short hair might not work best for micro-link hair extensions. It might suit well for anyone as long as the texture of the hair is concerned.

If you want to increase the length of your hair then all you need to do is get micro links to hold up for the successful installment.

Don’t fit well with unhealthy hair:

These micro-link hair extensions don’t fit well with unhealthy hair. If you are suffering from hair loss or shedding your hair, then you must take other techniques into account. Once your micro link hair extensions are twisted, stretched, braided, or blown out bald spots will be aggregated.

Premed and thin hair:

Naturalists having thin and permed hair should also think carefully before actually going for micro-link hair extensions. The main reason is that weight from microlink extensions will add extra stress and pain to your thin and permed hair.

In this way, maintenance may not be in your budget if you properly take care of your micro link extensions. In this way, you can also increase the service life of these hair extensions.

Do micro links break?

It depends on the maintenance and how you take care of the hair. Improper installment is too close to your scalp. Nonuniform distribution of hair weight and tight hairstyles will be a source of hair breakage for you.

If you wear your hair extensions without protection then simply just keep your hair away from getting dry and being brushed every day.

Thus keep the hair products including gel, serum, and hairspray step away from the microbeads.


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These are the few things that you need to take care of especially when it comes to microlink hair extensions. Find some time to modify your mood and your outlook with these amazing hair extensions.

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